Sunday, January 5, 2014

’M: Masset Haida - English

- I told you so!
’Mah, tlagu ’ang tl’a ’ishaalaasgu. 
I told you so, it serves you right. (lit. just like you were told to do it.)

I don’t believe it. Don’t say that!
  • ja ’maayga
  • ja ’maaydga
  • ja ’maayg

- (disbelief)
It is known from a story about a young man whose father told him that the ground came to a sharp edge (i.e. life is dangerous), whereupon he said,
  • ’mooy, guusGidee.uu ’a tla.aa tl’a xin.isalaang’ahl.
  • I don’t belief it, What is he talking about so much?
The youth kicked at the ground, ran a splinter in his foot, and later died of blood poisoning.