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J: Masset Haida - English


jaadaa = woman
j as in "jump"

Word beginnings include:
ja, jaa, jii, ju, juu

- with projections extended in two dimensions.
- get wet right through; get soaked; soak into/out of
- using chisel, wedge; nailing; by pounding a stick in the ground
  • jad
’La kun ’wii jakuunaagang. He has a big nose.
’Wii jats’aang. It is soaked.
Dii.ii jatl’a.aang. I am wet through.
’Wii ’la jadalgan. He chiseled a hole into it.
K’awwee ’la jadwagan. He nailed on the board.

- dig shellfish
K’yuuga ’la ja.aang. He is digging butterclams.

- Say! Hey! Well
- wife; a woman living with X in a conjugal relationship
  • jaay
  • jee
Jaay, hall diiga sk’a’a k’u t’ Say, bring me a "spruce needle."
Jee, hall sk’a’a diiga k’u t’ Say, give me a "spruce needle."

mouth of an inlet, channel, or slough (not a stream)

be a man’s (person) wife

- make upright
- place, put upright (in direction)
  • j’aaw
Kalgee yáa ’la da sk’aja.aawgan. He put the bottle upright.
Na ’la tla.áwhla tiija.aawgan. He built a house.
Huu hlk’a.aay ’inaasdla hlk’aja.aawgang. A bush is growing up there.
’La k’a k’uja.aawgan. He fell asleep sitting there.
Ginn ’la k’aalang k’uja.aawgan. He started to write something while sitting there (He sat down to write something)

have been made to be upright

  • jaada
  • jad
  • jaadga
  • ja

- be female
- be a grown up female now
Ja.adaasii gid.alang dla.adiyaasii tl’a ts’ gam giidii tl’a tiya.anggaangaanii.
They used to shoot the females (sea otters) carrying young but they did not kill any offspring.

be woman in location
  • ja’adagaa

the woman
  • ja’adee
  • ja.adagee
  • ja’adagee
Ja.adee kwaan ’laangaa haanaang. Many of his daughters are good-looking.

be female clan mates for X

jaad gya.agaa
- someone be good for something (woman)
’Laa.aagu jaad gya.agaa’us? She’s good for nothing (lit. She’s good for something), isn’t she?

jáaga guuhl
be in love

woman’s blouse
  • jaagiidgee


- at the mouth
- up inlet or up channel from the mouth
- northwest
Jáaguusd.uu ’la ’iijang. He is at the mouth of the inlet.
Jáaguusda ’la tluu kaatl’a.ats’agan. He came up the inlet from the mouth.
Jáaguusda k’ajuugang. It is blowing from the northwest.

- be northwest wind; blow from the northwest; westwind
Jáaguusdagaa kiiduu duutl’a.aang. The west wind has come to the rescue.

- at the mouth; at the mouth of Masset Inlet; at Masset village
Jáagwaa k’aal ’iw’waan tsa.án ’ijaan. There was a big sculpin underwater at the mouth (of Naden Harbor).

to the mouth
  • jaagwiiga

be busy; be in dither with too much to do
  • jaaluudiyaa
’La gudangee jaaluudiyaagang. She is worrying about everything.

- big hole
- jam
’La kunts’.ul jaamdala.aanggang. He has big nostrils.
St’aa sk’agaa kun ’laa jaamdala.aanggang. There are big holes in the toes of his shoes.

- one's sister, one's female parallel cousin
  • jaasang
  • jaas.alang
  • jaasada
  • jaaseeda
  • jaasee
  • jaajee
  • jaasaas
Giisd.uu jaasaas ’iinaa ’aasiinii. I wonder who will marry Sister.
’La jaajee jiingaagang. He (a small child learning to speak) has been using the word ’Sister’ for a long time now.

jaas daanggaa
unident duck species. Probably an American widgeon (anas americana)

- (v) sudden feeling of fear pass through someone
Dii.iisda jaast’agan. A sudden feeling of fear passed through me.

- seaweed species
- coming out of the water
- remove from the water
  • jaawgee
Huu ’la dlajaawtl’a.aang. He is coming out of the water now.
Xagwee ’la dang gujaawtl’a.agan. He pulled the halibut out of the water.

- fast, flash, flicker, make go in fast
’La ki jab.algan. He jabbed a hole in it.
’Wii ’la da jabhlagan. He poked it (something sharp) in fast.

- be a woman of the clan or group
Xáad jadgaa. Be a Haida woman.

jad hlGagaan
- (n) platform extending out in front of traditional house; porch
Jad hlGagan.gee ’inggu ’la k’aawaan. He sat on the porch.

jad hlGagan.gaa
- have a porch
’Laa gyaa nee k’iw jad hlGagan.gaagan. The front of his house had a porch.


- tickel
Dii ’la jaG̱aldagan. He tickled me.

have gotten wet right through
  • jatl’a.agaa
Dii.ii jatl’a.agaagang. I have gotten wet right through.

- go, come to have intercourse
GiisdaGaa.uu dang jagaa.aagaa? Who did you go to to have sex?

ja gaa’anuu
Absolutely not!

ja gajgad
- try to please a woman
Jiingaa ’la ja gajgiidang. He’s been trying to please a woman for a long time now.

- part of; some of, some; the rest of, the others.
Ginn tiigagee jagan ’waasda ’inngwiiga ’la ’isdaayaan. He moved part of the animals from there to the other side.
’Aajii jaganhl tawwlang ’ giidaa. Give some of this (basket of mussels) to your clan mates.
Tl’a jagantl’aa.uu gi.ida duugaalaan. The rest of them, however, went up to get cedar bark.

- be unsuccessful (in a food-gathering activity); get skunked
’La jagang.aayaan. He was unsuccessful.


- be unable to get, be unable to reach
Ga tagee ’la jagii.aang. He is unable to eat.

jagii.a tlasdla
- give up on because are unable to do or fix it
Puzzlegee ’la jagii.a tlasdlaganii. He gave up on the puzzle, unable to solve it.

jagu dan skun.aawee
(n) gun-cleaning rod

jagu hlGaay xalwiidaawee
(n) bullet mold

be seven, seven, seven of, all seven of

- ragged; untidy, with parts or pieces sticking off; scattered mass, pieces
- sound of plural brittle objects striking; nasty or thoughtless talk
Gint’ajee ’la tla jahjgusdlagan. He made the blanket into an untidy bundle.
’La sk’iwi.ii ’waa.aa jahgasdlaang. His mustache is untidy now.
’La jahdagagan. He was talking in a nasty way.

ragged or untidy cloth object; (person with) untidy hair; scattered small pieces, crumbs, spray of liquid
’La kaj ’i jahljuugang. Her hair is untidy.

- precisely; absolutely; only; really; exactly;
- most; -est
- excessively; too much
Giisand jahlii.uu dang sdiihltl’a.aa.asaang? Exactly when are you coming back?
Tlaa.ahlga jahlii ’la sdahlaang. She wants exactly ten. jahlii.uu ’la ’waagan. He did it for absolutely no reason.
Stlaang k’aahlgu jahlii ’la sdilgan. He went back absolutely empty-handed.
’Laa jahliigu dang.aa guusaawaa? Was it really him who spoke to you?
’Laag.uu ’la giida jahliigan. She gave the most food to her.
Ginn ’laa niihl jahlii.iidan. He drank too much.
Daagu king jahliigaa? Did you really see it?

ceremonial headdress with carved plaque at the forehead and a crown of sea lion whiskers to hold eagle down.

wear a jahlk’a headdress

peregrine falcon

snag on; tangle in

ja kílgudáng
propose marriage to a woman

  • jalee
Xawwgayee ’waadluwaanhan jilaa ’la hiiluudaayaan. He ate all the bait of every fisherman.

be baited (hook or trap); be some kind of bait

use for bait

- bait
T’aawalee ’aa ’la jalgaawgan. He baited his hook(s)

become kind of rough

fish chowder

make into chowder

overalls; jeans

- edge; coast
Jan ’laangaa sdalaagang. Its bank is steep.
Sk’ jan. The high water’s edge.

- women
- women of the X group

- extend far in one dimension relative to others (be long, high, tall) (for distance of measure) (more than or as much as. . .)
Kiid jang ’la xi k’aagan. He felled a tall spruce.
Nang gudangee jang ’la ’iinaagang. She is married to someone patient.
’La xiinangagee janggang. He has had a long life.

- sister-in-law
- to be a woman belonging to a particular group

have for sister-in-law

the one(s) at the edge of; the area at the edge of

make longer, taller, higher (by measure) than
  • jandi’iihl
St’a k’iisdang ’waat’alga ’la tla jang’ilgan. He lengthened it by two feet.
along the edge of
  • jan.iid
Tsáa.uu jan.iid ’la kaagya.anggang. He is walking along at the edge of the low water.

- be a distant clan mate of
- be a woman of the X group
La.ahl dii janngaagang. I am a distant clan mate of hers.
’La waasdan janngaagang. She is white (lit. She is a Boston White woman).
’La ja.aang janngaagang. She is a prostitute (sex worker).

the area at the edge of; the one(s) at the edge of

- be busy
- pretend to be busy
  • jant’angyaa
Hawaan dii jant’angyaagang. I am still busy.
’Agang ’la xa jant’angyaagang. He is fiddling around pretending to be busy.

- Chinook
Januug kil. Chinook language, i.e. jargon

- (v) offer hand (to shake hands)
- open own flowers (cow parsnip)
Diiga stlaang ’la jasdlagan. He offered his hand to me.
Hlk’iidee kajang jasdlaang. The cow parsnip plants are opening their flowers now.

ja skalaga
- (v) shoot at for practice
Kyaa.n.gee ’la ja skalagadaalgang. He is shooting at the cans in a row, for practice.


try to get food without success; get skunked; be too late to get any

- habitually go after food without success; habitually come back empty handed
- make self come back empty handed
’Agang ’la t’a jat’aalaan. She went to the wrong place and came back empty handed.

  • jatl’

ja tlaswa
- pay sweet heart for having sex
’La ja tlaswa ’awyaagan. He gave a big payment for having sex.

ja tlaswáaga
habitually pay sweethearts for having sex

have soaked into/out of

- cause to dance while possessed
’Waagyaan haw.isan ’laa ga jasuwaayaan. And again he was made to dance while possessed.
’Laak’uhl ’laa ga jasuwagaangaan. She kept on dancing near him while possessed.

- relatively large object having projections in three dimensions
- carry (in direction); dip out in (in direction)
- dip out water (in direction)
’La stlaay ’i jiidalaang. He has big hands.
Dajangee ’laangaa ’i jiijuugang. Her hat has things (eg feathers) sticking out all over.
’Agang ’la dang jiigiidan. He smiled a wide smile, showing his teeth.
’Laa ga jiidyaang. He is going back and forth, packing water.

- big tree-top or big tree with roots exposed
Kiid daal jiihldaa.algang. A tree with the roots on is floating downstream.
Huu kiid ’waa ’inggu jiihl hlandaang. There is a big tree-top on there.

- be (measure) distant, far (from) (in direction);
- be a long/measure time away from; last a long time
- extend, go a long way in direction
- make distant from (in location)
Dii jiingaagan. I was far away (from reference point).
Sda dii jiingaagan. I was far away from there.
Sdalee tl’a.aj jiingaahlaang. The summit of the slope is way up.
Stl’ang jiingaats’aang. The bottom (of the hole) is a long way in.
K’yuwaat’alee jiingaat’algang. The ladder extends down a long way.
Hawaan k’asgad jiingaagang. There is a long time yet.
T’alang ga taagansda ga jiingee.elgang. It is a long time now since we ate.
Ga tagee jiingaagan. The eating went on (has been going on) for a long time.
Dlaayayee jiingaagan. The peace lasted a long time.
’Laasdahl tla jiingaa. Put it far away from him.
’Waadluu jiingaa ’la kaagaan. And then he walked for a long time (And then he walked a long way).
Jiingaa.uu taawee ’iijan. The food lasted a long time.
Jiingaagu dang gaawaa? Were you gone long?
Gee’aa, gam jiingaa’aa. No, not long.
Dalaa jiingaagang. It has been raining a long time (It rained for a long time).

- stay away from; keep away from
’Laasda ’agan hl jiingaadaang. I’m keeping away from him.

- long ago
Jiingaahan.uu ’la k’ut’algan. He died long ago.
Gam jiingaahan ’laa tl’a kay.anggan. He wasn’t born a long time ago.
Jiingaahan gam tlaga keenggaa’aangaan. A long time ago, there was no land to be seen.

root end of an uprooted tree or stump

still have roots on

- person with classifier characteristics, Dear
Jaa, k’ujiiwee, diigahl Say, Dear, help me.
Kawan Sangaa k’ujiiwee kats’agan. Dear Kawan Sangaa came in.

- catch; strike; hit
- try to contact (in direction or location); try to sense perceive (in direction)
Sku skaajaawee ’la xa skaajuugan. She caught the ball in her hands.
Xaay dii k’u dlajuugan. The dog bit (caught) me right away.
Tl’a kilga hl gyuujuugan. I was listening (catching) to their conversation (voices).
’La kan.ii ’laa ’la gyuujuuts’agan. He (doctor) was listening to (into) his chest.
Xaay hawaan sanjuugang. The dog is sniffing around.
Tajuwee sanjuugang. There is a light breeze

gut line attached to harpoon handle

- pack (into X) (in direction)
’Aanáa ’la juugagan. She packed them away in the next room.
Kalgee ’wii ’la juugagan. He packed the jars in there.

have been packed away (into X) (in direction); assembled

- (v) stand; be upright
- keep upright
Kyaa.n.gee gam sk’ajuugya.ang.anggang. The can isn’t upright.
Kyaa.n.gee ’la da sk’ajuu gyaa.anggan. He stood the can upright.

- be a widow or widower
’La júuhlan.gaagang. She is a widow.

- rotate on axis of symmetry; turn around; spin; get twisted
- rotate 180 degrees; turn over
- get mixed up
- exchange (with each other); change; trade (with each other); switch with the other
- go once around the perimeter of
- make a round shape
  • júulaang
’La cyee ’laa ’la da sk’ajuuhldagan. He twisted his arm.
Kiidee ’la t’a skayjúulaanggan. He spun the log (floating in the water) with his feet.
’Áadee ’la dan t’ajúuhldagan. He turned the net (set in river) around 180 degrees.
Ts’aslaangwee ’la da ts’asjúuhldagan. She exchanged the pot (for another one).
K’úudaats’ee gudga ’la hlk’i tsajúulaang’wagan. They traded coats.
St’aa sk’agee ’la t’a xajúulaanggan. He got his shoes mixed up, i.e. on the wrong feet (one shoe at a time).
Gudga dajangee ’la kas gujúulaang’wagan. They put on each other’s hats.
Gwayee ’la kk’iijúuhldagan. He walked around the island.
Gwayee ’la ki k’iijúuhldagan. He rowed/paddled around the island.
Sabliigee ’la tla skayjúuhldagan. She made the loaf of bread round.
Kun.gad ’la k’i gamjúulaanggan. He rounded the corners, using a knife.
Tsiinee kun tiijúulaanggang. The salmon are circling around in a school.

- have been rotated in axis of symmetry
- have been rotated 180 degrees
- have been exchanged
- have a round shape
  • júuhldiyaa
Xiiliyee skayjúuhldiyaagang. The hole is perfectly round.



have for a mother-in-law

- fail to contact (in direction/location); fail to sense, perceive (in direction)
K’aadga ’la kaajuusgaayaan. He failed to get a deer.
’La kaajuusgagaayaan. He got skunked. He got nothing.

the sun

júuyee xang.ayaa
be dazzled, blinded by bright light (reflected in X)

- be upright
- keep upright
- sit down, sat down
  • j’wa
T’adahldaa tlaa.alii sdang nee ’laa tiijuwaang. His house is twenty feet high.
’La st’igahl k’ujuwaang. He got sick and sat down
Dii st’i k’ujuwaang. I’m sitting here sick.
Ginn ’la k’aalang k’ujuwaang. He is sitting there writing something.

- have sticking off
’Waasda xaaw sk’aangwee ’la xajuwaadaang. He has fishing poles sticking off there.