Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NG: Masset Haida - English


ngaal = seaweed
ng as in "sing"

word beginnings include:
ng, nga, ngaa, ngii

- flying in a flock, swarm
- look, look at this !
Sk’iinee ngaa tiijúulaanggang. The gulls are circling around in a flock.
Sk’iinee kaahlga ngaahlahlts’agan. The gulls flew up the inlet.
Ngaa, ’aa.uu ! Look, here !

- (v) characteristically crack up when boiled or explode when baked
’Aasgee sguusadee ts’ii ngaadagaang. This kind of potato cracks up or blows up.

(n) fronds of giant kelp
  • ngaalee
’Ll k’uda guud ngaalaagaas. There were fronds of giant kelp on its lips.
Ngaalsgingaan ’la keenggee.elgang. He is pale now (lit. He looks like kelp fronds now).

ngaal Ga’aan
seaweed species, broad kelp

ngaal sGid

- (n) operate on something every little while
Diik’yaahl ’la kaangaansagan. She kept coming down to the beach to see me every little while.

take off (in direction) in a flock, swarm (birds, insects)

ngaa tiisdla
- fly in flock (birds)
K’aalts’adagee ngaa tiisdla.algan. The crows landed in a flock.

- (v) work away at (usually to remove bits of)
K’awwee kagann k’ung.ahlaangaan. A rat gnawed bits off the board.
Kwaayee ’la k’ing.ahlaanggang. He is cutting away at the rope.

- (v) search around (in location)
Stlíihluweega ’aa ’la kingalanggwaanggang. She is poking around with a stick, looking for her ring.

- (v) be whole; be complete; be a classifier-shaped object
- make in a classifier shape; make become classifier shape
’Waadluutl’aa.uu hat’an ’laa dlang.andaayaanii. Now, however, his (fish) was whole.
Tluugwa.atl’aa.uu ’la k’al dlang.anda’eelaan. Aboard the canoe, however, his skin became whole (ie assumed the shape of a whole bear).
Gawiid xang.andaa. Good sized quantity of loose beads.
Guulee ’la k’a tl’ang.anda’ilgan. He flattened the gold by pressing it (eg running it through rollers).
Sk’aangwee ’la hlaaw sk’ang.anda’ilgan. He made the stick round in cross section by planing it.

have been made in classifier-shape

- (v) get singed off; have hairs singed off
- singe the pinfeathers off; scorch
Dii stlaay ngaygan. The hairs on my hand got scorched off.

have had the pinfeathers singed off; have been scorched

- No?; Is that right?; Hey?; All right?; Ok?
K’aahluuhlaa, nggwaa. Get up, ok?
Dii Gungng dang ’ijaan, nggwaa? You (in a previous incarnation) were my dad, hey?
Gam Gaa tlaagaa.ang, nggwaah? Don’t touch it, ok?

- (v) be healed up; be well
- have eaten and be satisfied
’La stlaay ngiisdlaang. His hand is healed up now.
Hawaan ngiisdlaang. It is still healing.
Dii ngiisdlaang. I am satisfied now.

have become healed, well; have gotten satisfied